Role Main Character
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives None
Aliases Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Voice Actor Hiroshi Kamiya
Height Approx. 178cm (~5'10")

Yukihito (ユキヒト) is one of the main characters. He only appears in True Blood.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Yukihito due to the fact that he only appears in True Blood, which has not been translated.

Yukihito draws a lot; he keeps all the drawings. His main desire is to take down the Japanese government. He joins Igura in the hopes of fulfilling this goal.

Appearance Edit

Yukihito has short red hair and light brown eyes. He wears black pants and a military style jacket with four pockets. He wears his Igura tag about his neck.

Abilities Edit

Relationships Edit

  • Touya - Touya is Yukihito's close friend, and the leader of his group.
  • Akira - In Yukihito's route, they have a close platonic relationship by the end of the game.

In True Blood Edit

Yukihito 03

Yukihito's hideout, covered in his drawings


Yukihito's ending CG

History Edit

Yukihito was born in northeastern Japan before the war, probably near Tokyo. He grew up in the Toshima Bunny Orphanage. Yukihito was one of the children used as a test subject in the Nicole Experiments, but unlike the other children, he remembers what happened. He frequently has nightmares, and he draws when he wakes up as a coping mechanism.

Common Route Edit

Yukihito rescues Akira from a fight he was losing. Upon meeting Akira, Yukihito recognizes him as someone from the same orphanage as him, and quickly realizes that Akira is the anti-Nicole.

His Route Edit

Arbitro kidnaps Yukihito's team, blackmailing Touya into handing Akira over to him. Touya does so, but quickly goes back to Yukihito so they can go to Akira's rescue. Upon saving Akira from Arbitro, Akira and Yukihito escape from Toshima and go on to share an apartment while working minimum wage jobs.

Trivia Edit

  • Yukihito's height is listed in one of the official True Blood books as being approximately 178cm.
  • Yukihito's is listed in the same True Blood book as being in his early 20s.
  • He participated in Bl@ster in district RUDE.
  • In the bonus tokuten for The CHiRAL Night 5th Anniversary DVD, Yukihito admitted that he likes Akira.