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Toshima's main street

Sunset in Toshima (anime)

Toshima (トシマ) is a city in Japan and the main setting of the events in Togainu no Chi. Toshima is a dystopian society, devoid of inhabitants other than those participating in Igura.

Before the start of the Third Division, Toshima had been known as Tokyo. The city was abandoned and run down during the war. Then, several years after the Third Division, a crime organization by the name of Vischio took control of Toshima and created Igura as a way to sell their drug, Line. During the events of the main story, Toshima is controlled by Arbitro and Il Re, as the heads of Vischio.


The buildings in Toshima are largely abandoned. All show signs of age and disrepair, and some are so crumbled that it’s impossible to tell their original purpose. In the north district, one empty building has a panoramic view of the city that Rin treasures.

There are specific buildings still in use; for example, some of the former hotels are used for prostitution. Other notable locations include:

Escaping Toshima[]

The tunnel to the Nikkouren side

To escape from Toshima, Akira and whatever character he's traveling with make use of a tunnel underground. The exit is marked by a single circle of light beaming down. On the other side of the tunnel is a Nikkouren military encampment. The existence of this tunnel is originally known to Motomi, Nano, and Shiki, and appears on four out of the five main routes in the game. 


  • Toshima (豊島区) is a special ward in present day Tokyo. Though it is a ward, it regards itself as a city (it is known as "Toshima City" in English). The city houses one of the most famous Tokyo districts, Ikebukuro, which is also the headquarters of the Tokyo-based Kyoukuto-kai yakuza syndicate.