This is a WIP page for the rules of this wiki. As such, rules are subject to change. These rules have been put in place due to many previous instances of vandalism in order to prevent further abuse, so please review all rules before editing. Failure to comply by any of the rules on this page will lead to your account being blocked.

The administrators for this wiki are AstroComposer and TeacupGhost. Direct any questions/concerns/requests to our message walls and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


  • This is an English language wiki; all pages must be written in English. Source material written in other languages may be added to a page, but must be translated or otherwise notated.
  • Users must ask permission from an administrator before adding photos or other non-text media to pages.
  • Locked pages that are unlocked for editing may only be edited by users with administrator permission.
  • Edit wars are preferably avoided. If you find yourself in an edit war with another user, contact an administrator. Undoing an administrator's edits will lead to your account being blocked.
  • Editors are strongly advised to leave any personal feelings behind when editing an article. All pages should be neutral.
  • Fan-made material of any kind should not be added. Only official content and information is accepted.
  • When editing articles, users are to use proper grammar and clear wording, commas, periods and semicolons, so as to avoid confusion and chaotic blocks of text. Proper spacing between paragraphs is also a given.
  • There is a strict language code on the wiki mainspace. Crude or discriminatory language will not be tolerated on article comments, blogs, profiles, or articles.
  • This wiki must remain in compliance with Wikia's Community Guidelines. This means no explicit media may be added, even if it is canonical, and descriptions of canonical explicit content must be as brief as possible.