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Third Division is the name given to World War III. This war broke out before the events of Togainu no Chi.

Lead in to the War[]

Prior to the Third Division, Japan had had rapid economic expansion as it sought an ideological setup as a nation. This quickly led to an extreme amount of militarization in preparation for the possibility of war; totalitarianism became the prominent creed.

After the War[]

Japan is divided into east and west, overseen by the CFC and Nikkouren respectively, due to hasty implementation of reconstruction efforts. Reconstruction begins in the least affected areas and moves towards the most affected areas. Tokyo, which is renamed Toshima, is for the most part abandoned because it is too ravaged to recover.

Five years after the end of the war, the nation is still divided, and the leaders of the opposing groups hold completely opposite ideals for the future. Neither wants to make a move for fear of civil war. The nation as a whole is fed up and frustrated with the government, and public safety in all of its aspects is extremely poor.


  • The Japanese government poured all of their efforts into training the nation's youth as soldiers.
  • The development of the ultimate "human weapon" got a long way, only to be subsequently abandoned at the end of the war. The only viable test subject of the experiments escaped.
  • The nation is divided after the end of the war, due to hasty implementation of reconstruction measures.
  • Tokyo, which suffered the most damage, is renamed Toshima. It becomes the center of organized crime in Japan.
  • Standards for public safety took a turn for the worse. Special airtight dumpsters attained wide circulation because dead bodies were often thrown in them when they had nowhere else to go.