The Movie Theater

The Movie Theater
is one of three known neutral zones in Toshima. It is located in the northern district, and is controlled by Tomoyuki.

In the Game Edit

The outside of the building is incredibly nondescript and difficult to pick out among a row of similarly worn buildings.

Upon entering, the first room is likewise bland, containing only a desk and stairs leading down the theater itself. The lights on the stairs don’t work, so there are bare bulbs strung up to help people see. Downstairs is a hallway with dim but working lights and sets of double doors to each individual theater.

The movie theater appears in two routes:

  • In Rin’s route, when Rin takes Akira to the theater, there are people loitering outside and inside the building, but the theater seating itself is empty save for Tomoyuki. The movie screen is lit up blankly.
  • In Nano's route, the theater is devoid of people except for Nano. However, the blank film is still running, and a Solid on the front desk indicates their recent presence.