The Greenhouse is a building located somewhere in Toshima. It appears to be a hidden place, and its location is originally known only to Nano. He brings Akira there, and Emma and Gwen find them using the tracking device disguised as a communications device.

In the Game Edit

The Greenhouse is an otherworldly and desolate place, full of shriveled and dead plants both of tropical and subtropical origin. The walls and ceiling are made of transparent glass. There is a single cracked door that leads outside.

Inside, the smell of soil is stiflingly strong. The lighting is dim, but bright enough to show there are lights still working somewhere. Despite the withered atmosphere, there is also a strange, melancholy beauty to the place.

Scattered among the plants is an odd assortment of furniture, including an antique dresser and a sofa with gaudy colors.

Attached Room Edit


The Greenhouse has an attached apartment. The room is small and poorly lit, yet tidy. It contains the bare minimum of furniture: a sofa, a table and a chair. There is a lamp on the table. The room's single window is cracked and has ratty curtains. There is only one one door, which leads into the main part of the greenhouse.

There seems to be a kitchenette in the room as well, with a small gas stove and miniature refrigerator stocked with a few water bottles. On the shelf near the fridge is a first aid kit, which contains both dirty and clean bandages.

Akira thinks the apartment reminds him of a waiting room or an official facility.

In the Anime Edit


The Greenhouse appears in the tenth episode. The plants inside are significantly more green and alive in the anime version, and it shows multiple benches and a large set of stairs inside, as well as some machines presumably used for monitoring the artificial climate.


The outside is shown to be a nondescript and box-shaped building. The streetlamps don’t work, but the building is fairly brightly lit in comparison to the game; the inside is illuminated and partially visible through the glass doors.

In episode 11, the back of the greenhouse is shown to have an all-glass observatory attached, which better corresponds with the descriptions in the game.