Shiki's katana during the Anime opening of Togainu no Chi.

Shiki's Katana
is the sword used by Shiki to ruthlessly murder anyone who stands in his way. The blade appears to be a regular Katana with a purple tint to it. Shiki wields this weapon with terrifying efficiency, as he easily cuts down Igura participants that he deems to be "trash".

In the GameEdit

Throughout the story, the katana is often used as a symbol of Shiki himself and his strength. Aside from Shiki, three other people hold his katana: 

  • Rin's Ending: In his route, Rin killed Shiki and took the katana with him along his travels. He gives the katana to Akira in the epilogue. 
  • Shiki's Good Ending: Akira wields the katana in place of the comatose Shiki. 
  • Nano's route: Shiki is implied to be killed by Nano, who took the bloody weapon back to Akira. Nano tosses it to the ground "as if it were trash."