The cover of the second drama CD

The Image Drama CD Vol. 2 is the second drama CD, and was published by HOBiRECORDS on August 26, 2005. It centers around Akira and Keisuke's relationship. It runs for seventy-two minutes and one second.

Track Listing Edit

1. Obtained thing -日常-

  • Obtained thing -Everyday-

2. The only way -追躡-

  • The only way -Overtaken-

3. Resolution -覚悟-

  • Resolution -Preparedness-

4. The last word -起因-

  • The last word -Cause-

5. Entrance to real -深淵-

  • Entrance to real -abyss-

6. Dive -欲海-

  • Dive -Deep Desire-

7. shine and shadow -陰映-

  • shine and shadow -Dark Reflection-

8. Together with -共に-

  • Together with -together-

Notes Edit

  • The CD's catalogue number is HBDC-015.

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