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Akira just after winning a Bl@ster match

Bl@ster is a street fighting game played in urban areas throughout Japan. The game exists in a championship structure, where participants can fight solo or in teams to win prize money and status as champions. Areas are divided into districts, which have separate teams, champion titles, and matches.

The game came about in the aftermath of the Third Division, because the children who had grown up being taught only how to fight their entire lives felt lost when the war abruptly ended. They turned to this game for somewhere to vent their frustrations and prove themselves as fighters. The Japanese government generally turns a blind eye towards Bl@ster, as it prevents the people from rallying against them for revenge.

Many of the participants of Igura came from a background in fighting in Bl@ster, including many of the main characters; most notably Akira (RAY district), Rin (Area GHOST), and Takeru (RAY district). A lot went on to Toshima to participate in Igura because they wanted the experience of killing someone.


Bl@ster has very simple rules:

  • Fights to the death are prohibited
  • Weapons are prohibited
  • Whichever opponent is knocked down on their back first loses

Known Districts[]

  • RAY
  • RUDE